Artificial Life Lab


The Reed College Artificial Life Lab is a research group directed by Professor Mark Bedau. The lab is located in the Center for Advanced Computing at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, USA. The group studies biological, cultural and economic systems through modeling and empirical analysis.


Artificial Life Lab logo drawn by Packard's Bugs

Current Projects


  • Study of cultural and technological evolution using the United States patent record (1976 - 2008)
  • Development of tools for the modeling of social and living systems


  • Cocoa Bugs - Mac OS X plug-in based framework for Artificial Life Models written in Obj-C

Active Members

  • Mark Bedau
  • Noah Pepper
  • Cooper Francis
  • Devin Chalmers
  • Andrew Buchanan
  • Norman Packard
  • Drew Blount
  • Max Boddy
  • Galen Harrison
  • Timothy Tyree 
  • Andrew Joseph Warren 


Our logo is the result of an artificial life model (Bugs) running on a specialized food-map. Here is a video of the logo emerging.